Career Focus:

Do you love the challenge of finding creative solutions to complex problems? Do you enjoy collaborating with other skilled software developers?

A career as a programmer might be right for you.


What is a Programmer?

A programmer is responsible for developing and extending the capabilities of AgriSompo North America's software systems. You will work closely with senior programmers and others within the company to define the technical and functional specifications of each project.

What Will I Do?

Work with senior programmers in defining, designing, building, managing and maintaining technical solutions in accordance with our processes and best practices.

Maintain and improve existing technical solutions and applications, as well as any supporting technologies, processes, and platforms.

Participate in code reviews and validations for other programmers, and ensure that a proper level of design documentation, traceability, and test coverage is in place.

Triage and resolve incidents and problems affecting technical solutions.

What Skills Will I Need?

Good understanding and hands-on experience in designing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining public facing, high performing, and scalable enterprise web services and APIs.

Knowledge and experience with design and implementation of security standards and patterns.

Working knowledge of SOA, WCF, Web Services (SOAP, REST, XML, JSON) and various transport and security protocols.

Experience and familiarity with WCF bindings options, hosting platforms, behaviors, and transport types.

Working knowledge and hands-on experience leveraging source control, build, and deployment management tools (e.g. TFS, Nuget, etc.).

Experience in employing Test Driven Design.

Experience in designing and building testing facilities and applications that target end-to-end testing of technical solutions and applications.

Experience in .NET 4 / WCF capabilities.

Experience in implementing or use of web services platforms that enable mediation for integration and security requirements for web and mobile open interfaces.

A Day in the Life of a Programmer

Kommon is a Programmer III with Agrisompo North America. Follow along below as he walks you through a typical day in his role.


Kommon starts his day by reviewing any new tickets that were assigned to him the day before. He also checks his emails to see if any urgent issues arose overnight. He then prioritizes the tickets he needs to complete for the day and begins tackling them from the top-down. This requires pulling the latest code from the main branch and either fixing bugs or implementing new features in the application. He also creates a to-do list for the day to give himself a goal for the amount of work he would like to complete to determine if the day was a success.

Kommon feels that the morning is the best time to take a fresh look at items he was stuck on the day before. Spending some time away from his computer can often help him see things in a different way.


Kommon spends this time of day working on either bug fixes or implementing new features on the application he is working on. This process may also require writing unit tests to ensure the stability of the code in the future. To be as efficient as possible, he will also spend time analyzing ticket requirements to help with determining the right solution for the task at hand.

Tasks vary day-to-day so he may be working on one project one day and a different project the next. Additionally, he collaborates with teammates to discuss requirements for upcoming items or potential roadblocks to current items.

Wrapping up the Day

If he’s in the middle of a bug or feature that he has the solution for, he does his best to get that completed and a merge request submitted before he leaves for the day. This provides the closure of knowing he was able to finish another item. It also provides him with a good sense of accomplishment. In addition, he reviews his daily to-do list and determines if he accomplished what he had set out to that morning.

At the very end of the day, Kommon unwinds by completing administrative items that may need attention, such as filling out hours spent on tasks in Jira, updating his timesheet, or tackling any outstanding training.

Career Trajectory

A programmer generally progresses through their career along the trajectory outlined below.

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