20 in '23:
Melissa Williams

Several ASNA team members will celebrate their twenty-year service anniversaries in 2023.

This month, let’s learn more about Melissa Williams, Vice President of Policy Services and Specialty Underwriting.

Melissa began her crop insurance career with IGF Insurance in Lubbock in 1998 after a brief post-college stint working for the Texas Department of Human Services (which she HATED). She began her career as an underwriter and has enjoyed helping customers in a variety of roles since then. She loves that this industry is forever changing and evolving – she’s never been bored at work!

After growing up in a small farming community, Melissa has never doubted the importance of agriculture, and she is happy to be employed at a company that helps producers continue to do their important work. When asked her opinion on what the best managers do for their teams, she says “the best managers get in the trenches with their teams, they understand what their teams do.” Melissa strongly believes in a team approach and detests the “it’s not my job” attitude.

If she could give a new employee a piece of advice she’s personally learned from, she would suggest putting yourself out there! Just jump in and do your best. Failure doesn’t matter; it’s just a part of life. Learn from it and get back to work.