As the 2023 Farm Bill approaches, American agriculture needs an advocate. Together, we can make our voices heard in Washington. Join the American Coalition for Rural Engagement (ACRE) in our fight to protect crop insurance and rural America.

ACRE was founded by AgriSompo North America, an industry-leading crop insurance provider. Our mission is to equip farmers and ranchers with powerful and proactive agricultural risk management. At the same time, we see ourselves as more than just an insurance provider.  

As members of the agricultural community, we have a responsibility to fight for America’s farmers and ranchers even when an insurance claim has not come due. We have a long history of working closely with agents, producers, and policymakers to understand the needs of rural America and guide the world of crop insurance in a direction that better meets those needs. 

The purpose of ACRE is to defend the rights of American farmers and American agriculture by seeking to influence important public policy issues that affect our industry. 

The team at AgriSompo North America understands the Federal Crop Insurance Program better than anyone: we’ve spent years mastering the intricacies of the program to ensure we can provide the greatest possible benefit to our policyholders. We know how it works, how it’s changed over the years, and how indispensable it is to America’s food production and the well-being of America’s farm families. 

This deep well of knowledge makes us uniquely suited to serve in the political arena as an advocate for rural America and agricultural workers. We take this role seriously, and it has become even more important with the approach of the 2023 Farm Bill.  

The Farm Bill, the current iteration of which expires in September, has a major effect on U.S. agricultural policy. Now is the time to make our voices heard and to ensure that farmers, ranchers, and their families have a seat at the table during upcoming Farm Bill negotiations.  

With your help, ACRE will fight to:  

  • Retain the robust private sector involvement that makes the crop insurance program so effective. 
  • Keep crop insurance accessible for all farmers and ranchers by supporting premium discounts and opposing the introduction of means testing. 
  • Make sure the program remains actuarially sound. 
  • Require the Risk Management Agency to work with AgriSompo North America and other insurance providers to simplify and optimize the program. 
  • Oppose ad hoc disaster payments, which are a less effective, less reliable alternative to crop insurance. 

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For more information about the ASNA’s opinions regarding the 2023 Farm Bill, click here. 

With your support, the ASNA PAC will act as a powerful proponent for rural America, farmers and ranchers, and their families, both during the debate surrounding the 2023 Farm Bill and into the future. 

Anyone who cares about the future of American agriculture and the health of the crop insurance industry should consider joining ACRE. Agents, adjusters, producers, and ASNA employees are all welcome — along with anyone else who wants to make a difference. 

Your contribution will help us:  

  • Promote policy that supports the growth, flexibility, and reach of crop insurance. 
  • Educate officials and the public about the vital role crop insurance plays in the American economy.  
  • Help elect political candidates who share our mission of empowering American producers. 

ACRE offers two levels of membership.

  • For $20, join ACRE at Tier 1 and receive XXX.
  • For $50, join ACREA at Tier 2 and receive XXX.

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