American agriculture needs an advocate. Together, we can make our voices heard in Washington. Join the American Coalition for Rural Engagement (ACRE) in our efforts to protect crop insurance and rural America.


Our mission is to protect the vital interests of American farmers and ranchers by advocating for the US crop insurance program. We are dedicated to safeguarding the sustainability of American agriculture and rural communities.


At the heart of our commitment to agricultural sustainability and the well-being of our farming and ranching community is our unwavering dedication to crop insurance program stewardship.

We understand the critical role that crop insurance plays in safeguarding the livelihoods of American farmers and ranchers and ensuring food security for our nation. ACRE strives to ensure this program remains a reliable safety net for those who depend on it. We are committed to continuously fighting to improve crop insurance effectiveness and maintain the highest standards of program stewardship to support the resilience and prosperity of our agricultural industry and rural America.


With your support, ACRE will act as a powerful proponent for rural America, farmers and ranchers, and their families.

ACRE membership is open to all individuals who have a vested interest in advocating for and learning more about agricultural and rural issues at the political level.

  • Farmers and Ranchers: Those actively engaged in agriculture, as they have firsthand experience and expertise in the industry's challenges and opportunities.
  • Agricultural Business Owners: Individuals who own or operate businesses related to agriculture, such as crop insurance agents, suppliers, processors, and distributors.
  • Agricultural Workers: Farmworkers, laborers, and other employees within the agricultural sector who want a say in policy decisions affecting their livelihoods.
  • Rural Community Members: Residents of rural areas who recognize the importance of a thriving agricultural industry in their regions.
  • Agricultural Researchers and Educators: Academics and professionals involved in agricultural research, education, and extension services who can provide valuable insights and data.
  • Supporters of Agricultural Causes: Individuals who are passionate about promoting sustainable agriculture, food security, and rural development.


Your $25 annual membership fee includes the following benefits:

  • A full-color, keepsake lapel pin featuring the ACRE logo will be mailed to your home.
  • Quarterly, informative, and insightful government affairs updates from the ACRE staff will be delivered to your email inbox.
  • The opportunity to provide further support via our political action committee.

Your membership and participation will help ACRE:  

  • Promote policy that supports the growth, flexibility, and reach of crop insurance. 
    • Retain the robust private sector involvement that makes the crop insurance program so effective. 
    • Keep crop insurance accessible for all farmers and ranchers by supporting premium discounts and opposing the introduction of means testing. 
    • Ensure the program remains actuarially sound. 
    • Require the Risk Management Agency to work with crop insurance providers to simplify and optimize the program. 
    • Oppose ad hoc disaster payments, which are a less effective, less reliable alternative to crop insurance. 
  • Educate officials and the public about the vital role crop insurance plays in the American economy.  

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