Conservation Resources

AgriSompo North America recognizes that future generations of American farmers depend upon our stewardship of the land today. We will always support good farming practices which focus on sustainability and conservation.

As calls for such practices become more widespread throughout the country, the Risk Management Agency will continue to develop programs rewarding sustainable farming. AgriSompo North America is dedicated to educating our agents and their policyholders about these programs as they become available. Please check this page regularly for the latest developments.

Post-Application Coverage Endorsement

Split-applying nitrogen fertilizer (in which producers spread their fertilizer application across multiple treatments throughout the growing season) is believed to be better for the environment than traditional fertilizer application methods due to a reduction in nitrogen leaching, which can be a significant problem for water quality.

The RMA has launched a new form of supplemental coverage, the Post-Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE), which will provide protection to growers who commit to this more sustainable practice. When the policyholder is unable to apply nitrogen during the growing season due to poor weather and field conditions, PACE will provide them with an indemnity.

Cover Crop Premium Discount Programs

Regularly planting cover crops is a vital part of sustainable farming. The presence of cover crops aids in nutrient and topsoil retention, reduces erosion, improves water absorption, and more. Three states—Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa—currently offer programs which reduce premium payments for farmers who plant cover crops and meet certain other conditions. 

These programs will provide a $5 discount on crop insurance premiums for each acre of fall-planted cover crops grown by the producer.