About Us

AgriSompo North America is a newly-combined crop insurance entity, comprised of Diversified Crop Insurance Services (DCIS) and ARMtech Insurance Services. We exist to protect agricultural producers (farmers and ranchers) against the loss of their crops due to natural disasters, or to the loss of revenue due to declines in the price of agricultural commodities. 

In 2020, DCIS and ARMtech joined forces to create an Approved Insurance Provider (AIP) with a strong foundation of over forty years in the crop insurance industry. 

DCIS, which began as an independent agency, became CGB's primary crop insurance and risk management division in 1997. Since that time, DCIS purchased both Heartland Crop Insurance (in 2016) and AgriLogic Insurance Services (in 2017), growing into the fourth largest crop insurance provider in the United States.

ARMtech, founded as a crop insurance software company in 1996, began writing crop insurance in 1999, joined Endurance Specialty Holdings in 2007, and then became a part of Sompo International in 2017. Before merging with DCIS, ARMtech was the nation's sixth largest crop insurance provider.

Our Mission

AgriSompo North America will make a long-lasting impact on farmers, ranchers, agents, and our business partners for generations to come through industry-leading crop insurance, risk management, and a deep-rooted commitment to customer service and support.


Our Vision

Through financial strength, business scale, resources, talent, and diverse product offerings, AgriSompo North America will become the premier crop insurance provider in the nation and redefine what is possible for the agriculture industry.


Our Goal

Simply put: to become the best crop insurance provider in the world. 

We will retain, develop, or acquire the necessary talent to accomplish this objective. Success will create opportunities and offer possibilities for rewarding the extra effort put forth by team members.

We will create a culture of belonging to a greater cause, being a part of the global AgriSompo platform, and leveraging the financial strength, resources, and scale of Sompo International, while respecting the successful history of ARMtech and Diversified Crop Insurance Services.