Career Focus:
Human Resources

Are you a "people person"? Do you believe in data-driven decision making? Would you enjoy helping to provide your colleagues with a more enjoyable, engaging, and supportive work environment?

A human resources position might be right for you.


What is a Human Resources Business Partner?

A Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) supports both the leadership team and employees in creating a workforce that can meet the company's business goals. They drive initiatives that improve work relationships, build morale, and enhance performance.

What Will I Do?

Partner with key stakeholders and leaders to develop and execute HR strategies that support business goals.

Provide guidance on complex employee relations cases, ensuring they are managed in a fair, consistent, and legally compliant manner.

Support leaders with the performance review process, ensuring its effectiveness and alignment with organizational objectives.

Guide management on career development and succession planning.

Advise and support business units through organizational changes, mergers, or acquisitions.

Use data-driven reports to identify trends and recommend proactive solutions for improved workforce performance.

What Skills Will I Need?

Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related field.

Proven experience in an HR business partner role

In-depth understanding of all HR functions and best practices.

Excellent communication, consultation, and interpersonal skills.

Demonstrated ability to balance business needs with employee needs.

Strong problem-solving abilities and analytical skills.

A Day in the Life of an HRBP

Anna is a Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) with AgriSompo North America. Follow along below as she walks you through a typical day in her role.


How do you start your day?

Human Resources (HR) is all about helping the company’s employees, supporting a fair work culture, and matching employee goals and their well-being with the overall direction of the company. It's a balance of strategy, operations, and interpersonal relationships,  all geared toward the development, happiness, and success of both employees and the organization.

My day typically begins the same way that it ends: with a review of my schedule and emails, including any issues that require my immediate attention. As a Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP), I am often juggling a mix of meetings, employee priorities, and project work. It’s really important that I prioritize tasks and make sure I address any urgent matters first.

Which tasks do you perform best in the morning and why?

My favorite task to perform in the morning is to look at my calendar and review what I need to do to prepare for any meetings I have that day. If any other urgent issues pop up during the day, at least I still feel prepared for my scheduled meetings.


How do you spend the bulk of your workday?

Employee Interactions: Whether it's dealing with coworker concerns or explaining policies, this is an important part of being an HRBP.

Strategic Planning: Working closely with department leaders to ensure that the HR vision matches the overarching business goals. This might involve discussions on talent needs, succession planning, or performance management processes.

Talent Acquisition: Partnering with recruitment team to discuss open roles, talent needs, or the onboarding process for new hires.

Employee Development: Conversations with managers focus on fostering potential and empowering teams to excel in their roles.

Meetings Galore: From quick catchups to extensive company-wide updates, meetings are crucial for aligning strategies, addressing concerns, and ensuring the HR department is responsive to the organization's leaders and employee needs.

Wrapping Up the Day

What do you wrap up before you sign out for the day?

Email Review: Ensure any urgent emails are addressed.

Task List: Update my to-do list for the next day and rest of the week. This helps me stay organized and ensures no critical tasks fall through the cracks.

Check-ins: A brief touch base with the leaders I support and my HR peers to discuss any updates, concerns, or information to be aware of for the next day or week.

A couple of days of each week, towards the end of the day, when things are quieter...

I set aside time to learn or brainstorming on new initiatives. I might spend some time reading industry news, connecting with peers on professional networks, or taking short online courses to further develop my skills. A couple of days a week, this time is used for more contemplative, future-oriented thinking rather than addressing immediate operational tasks.

Being a HRBP is a rewarding role, as it sits at the intersection of people and strategy. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to make a positive impact on an organization's culture, efficiency, employee experience, and overall success of my company.

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