Career Focus:
Livestock Insurance

Are you a fast learner? Do you like helping people? Do you enjoying managing various project in a fast-paced environment?

A position as a livestock operations specialist might be right for you.


What is a Livestock Operations Manager?

A Livestock Operations Manager is responsible for administering and providing support for the livestock insurance program. They work professionally and collaboratively with agents and ASNA employees in support of daily livestock duties and strategic initiatives. 

What Will I Do?

Timely process livestock applications, endorsements and other policy required documents.

Proof and review policy information and apply applicable program and company procedure.

Review, analyze and correct Data Acceptance System (eDAS) and Policy Acceptance and Storage System (PASS) errors.

Partner with licensing and training to ensure agent compliance.

Prepare and maintain policy-related correspondence to the agents and producers.

Prepare claim paperwork upon the release of actual ending values from the Risk Management Agency (RMA).

Assist in the technology development of the livestock program (program testing, strategizing, determining functionalities, etc.).

Effectively answer internal and external questions and requests about the program.

What Skills Will I Need?

Ability to think critically, and work proactively as a self-starter.

Learn and understand the information needed to process insurance policies, FCIC rules and regulations, policy provision, etc.

Basic keyboarding skills, ten-key skills, and the ability to rapidly and accurately enter information into the computer.

Comprehend agent questions and concerns over the telephone and to provide correct, courteous answers.

Organize and prioritize multiple tasks.

Effectively communicate and maintain business relationships with company personnel, outside resources, and customers.

A Day in the Life of a Livestock Operations Manager

Cassie is a Livestock Operations Manager with AgriSompo North America. Follow along below as she walks you through a typical day in her role.


How do you start your day? 

With a large cup of coffee 😊

Which tasks do you perform best in the morning and why? 

I go through my email inbox from oldest to newest so I can see if any agents need immediate assistance from the evening before or early in the morning.  Livestock insurance is extremely time sensitive with the coverage cut-off being noon. All paperwork must be completed by that deadline each day.

I also check my work cell phone to see if I received any missed calls with voicemails.  I call everyone back that may need a return call in the morning, as well (usually voicemails indicate help is needed).


How do you spend the bulk of your workday?

I spend the bulk of my workday communicating with agents regarding their policies.  I also run reports to clear policy errors, which requires contacting agents to assist with fixing those issues.

Wrapping Up the Day

What do you wrap up before you sign out for the day?

I make sure everything has been addressed (emails/phone calls) so I’m not holding anyone up to start fresh the next day.

What tasks do you leave until the end of the day and why?

Clean up my desk and put everything in order to start fresh the next day.

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