The Hill: A Bipartisan Push for Crop Insurance

A Positive Story About Crop Insurance's Role in American Ag

Representatives Frank Lucas (a Republican from Oklahoma) and Jimmy Panetta (a Democrat from California) have co-written an article, published by the website The Hill, which emphasizes the vital role that the crop insurance industry plays in agricultural production, food security, and food costs in the U.S.

The authors note that American farmers must now confront increasingly unpredictable weather, rising demand, supply chain issues, inflation, labor shortages, and more as they attempt to produce much of the world's food supply—leading to an ever-greater need for the support that reliable crop insurance provides.

In the face of these many concurrent challenges, and as Congress prepares to draft the 2023 Farm Bill,  Lucas and Panetta call on legislators to ensure continued, bipartisan support for agricultural programs and especially for crop insurance, writing that "to ensure [American farmers] can continue providing all of us with a reliable, affordable food supply, we must protect and enhance the Federal Crop Insurance Program."

Click here to read the full article at The Hill.

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