Are You Taking Advantage of Our PHA Web Portal?

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Are You Taking Advantage of Our PHA Web Portal?

AgriSompo North America's Policy Holder Access (PHA) is an online tool that allows farmers and ranchers to manage their crop insurance policies from any device connected to the internet. 

This easy-to-use, comprehensive resource will save producers time in many ways, and will keep them informed and up-to-date about their policies and claims. 

To sign up for a free account, simply email today. If you already use PHA, you may sign in at


The Information You Need, When You Need It

With PHA, your crop insurance experience is more transparent and conveniant than ever. Using this system, AgriSompo North America policyholders can view their policy books and claim documents in detail from anywhere, at any time. Documents may be downloaded, saved, and printed directly from PHA. 

Agent and adjuster contact information is also available in PHA, allowing producers to reach out to exactly the right person with any questions.


Send And Receive Payments Instantly

Policyholders may use PHA to sign up for the direct deposit of claim checks, meaning no more waiting for physical checks to arrive—as soon the indemnity is released, you receive payment.

Additionally, users may review their crop insurance account balance in PHA, and make their premium payments online. 


Sign Documents Digitally with AgriSign

The PHA site also grants access to our AgriSign digital signature tool. With AgriSign, policyholders may review, complete, and sign crop insurance documents online, eliminating unnecessary delays due to scheduling conflicts, lost documents, or slow mail. 

By combining the features of AgriSign, online payments, and direct deposit, producers can enjoy a fully paperless crop insurance workflow: an easier, quicker, and less wasteful way of doing business.


Get Started Today

Your time is valuable and our goal is to make it more convenient than ever to manage and stay informed about your crop insurance policies.

To begin taking advantage of these features, send an email to requesting a Full Access PHA account. This tool is available for free to all AgriSompo North America policyholders.


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