Congratulations, Robbie Fossett!

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Congratulations, Robbie Fossett!

Join us in congratulating Robert Fossett, Marketing Manager for the Southwest Region, on his Quarter 2 2023 Silver Circle Award for Customer Service. Robbie was nominated for his actions following a tornado that hit Perryton, Texas in June. Our communications team asked Robbie a few questions about what happened and how he rose to the occasion. See his answers below.

Your nomination was due to your incredible act of service in June of 2023. What inspired you to dedicate your time and resources to helping the town of Perryton, Texas? Walk us through your thought process and what happened.

The morning after the tornado on Friday, June 16th, leadership within the Southwest region met to discuss ways in which we could help. Several of us had already talked to our agency partner in Perryton that witnessed the tornado from her office as it moved through downtown. The agent, who is involved in her local community and church, made note of specific items that were needed.

In our meeting that Friday morning, we began reaching out to people, raising money, and collecting physical donations. By Saturday morning, over $4,000 was raised. This money was spent on specific items ranging from clothing to everyday household items. By Sunday morning, we had a trailer load of donations ready to be delivered. I was able to deliver the items from Lubbock to Perryton, and I made it in time to attend a church service with the agent. It was a humbling experience seeing a community pull together after such a devastating loss of life and property.

How long have you been in crop insurance? A marketing rep? What do you enjoy the most about your role?

I started in the crop insurance industry in March of 2015. I began as a training specialist based out of Lubbock, TX. I didn’t know the first thing about crop insurance so I began digging into systems, policy, and procedure. I was able to work with many agents, employees, and marketing reps from across the country, which looking back, was a blessing in my early career. It allowed me to learn what was needed from both a marketing rep and agency perspective. I moved into marketing in January of 2018 after an opening in the Southwest region became available.

What I enjoy most about my current role are the relationships I have been able to build with agents and the value we bring to the American farmer in their times of need.

How would you define great customer service?

Great customer service in my mind is easy -- treat people the way you expect to be treated on a consistent basis. Understand their specific needs, whether it’s the agent, agency, or farmer. Strive to provide consistent customer service that leaves a lasting impression.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their career? What wisdom would impart to them?

When you’re just starting out in this industry, take the time to connect with others. Build relationships with those around you and learn from their experience. Pick up the handbooks, policy, system training materials, and study them. Dig in and don’t be afraid to ask questions!


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