Replanting Reminders

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Replanting Reminders

Replant season is fast approaching. Read below for some essential reminders regarding MPCI replant coverage.


Before Replanting

Producers must submit a replant notice and talk to their adjuster prior to replanting any acres.

An insured is eligible for a replanting payment only if they receive consent to replant from their Approved Insurance Provider (AIP), such as AgriSompo North America, by way of a field claims adjuster PRIOR to replanting. If they replant prior to receiving this consent, coverage may still be in place, but they will not receive an MPCI replant payment.

When the adjuster’s workload is heavy and the insured cannot afford to wait for an on-the-farm inspection, the adjuster, at his or her own discretion and where there is a known cause of loss, may provide verbal consent for the insured to begin replanting and leave representative sample areas (RSAs) for later appraisal.

If an insured believe they may need to replant any acres, they will need to contact their agency/agent to submit a MPCI Notice of Loss.


Planting a Second Crop

If the AIP determines it is practical to replant, and the insured decides not to replant, or to plant to a different crop, the initial crop will be made uninsurable and no replant payment or indemnity will be paid. The second crop will be insured based on its planting date. Once it is considered no longer practical to replant, release of acreage to plant a second crop will require consent from the adjuster. This cannot be verbal; an on-the-farm inspection is required. 


Acres Planted Before the Plant Date

Acres planted prior to the Earliest Plant Date are insurable, but not eligible for a replanting payment.

If the acreage was initially planted before the Earliest Planting Date listed in the Actuarial Documents, an insured would still be required to replant if the AIP determines it is practical to replant, but they would not be eligible for a replanting payment. Check the State/County/Crop Special Provisions to find the relevant Earliest Plant Date.


If any questions arise related to MPCI replant claims, including Self-Cert Replant procedures, please contact your AgriSompo North America Area Claims Supervisor (ACS) or your Regional Claims Manager (RCM) for assistance.


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