Specialty Crop Insurance Becoming More Popular

Specialty Crop Insurance Becoming More Popular

Bob Haney Comments on the Increasing Popularity of Organic and Specialty Crop Insurance

While most crop insurance is purchased to cover major commodities such as corn, soybeans, and wheat, the RMA and AgriSompo North America have seen rising interest in insuring organic and specialty crops in recent years.

Interviewed by Business Insurance, Bob Haney, the CEO of AgriSompo North America, said, “as these types of coverages come online and provide risk protection for these farmers – a cherry farmer in Michigan, an avocado farmer in Florida – the farmer has more assurance to step into that field and produce that crop.”

Mr. Haney noted pistachios and dairy cattle as examples of specialty commodites which more and more clients are seeking to insure with AgriSompo North America.

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