Submit Your Response to the 2022 Ag Census!

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Submit Your Response to the 2022 Ag Census!

How Can I Participate in the Ag Census?

In November, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) mailed invitations to participate in the 2022 Ag Census to all eligible farmers and ranchers in the nation. Your invitation contains a code which can be used to respond to the census via an online survey. 

Paper questionnaires are also being distributed to producers throughout the month of December. However, the USDA recommends producers respond using the online survey if possible, noting that it contains time-saving features not found on the paper survey.

If you have not already completed your census response, please do so as soon as possible. Whether you participate online or by mail, your response is due by February 6, 2023.

What is the Ag Census?

Every five years (in years ending in 2 and 7), the USDA conducts a complete count of U.S. farms and ranches, and the people who operate them. The data collected helps them examine land use and ownership, producer characteristics, production practices, farm income, and expenditures.

Gathering data from farmers and ranchers all over the country is useful for many reasons. Producers can use the data to help make more informed decisions about their operations. Agricultural companies might use the data to determine where to build their next grain elevator or barge operation. Legislators use the information to help develop farming policies and programs that can help current and future generations of growers. The uses are many and the need for your contribution is great.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the census “is a powerful voice for American agriculture. The information gathered through the ag census influences policy decisions that will have a tremendous impact on ag producers and their communities for years to come.”

The 2022 Census of Agriculture will include questions about new trends and technologies in agriculture. Precision agriculture, internet usage, hemp production, and hair sheep are all new areas of interest for the USDA this year.

The results of the census are scheduled for release in early 2024.


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