WFRP and Micro Farm Improved for 2023

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WFRP and Micro Farm Improved for 2023

USDA Makes Big Improvements to WFRP and Micro Farm Programs

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is making improvements to two comprehensive risk management programs: Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) and Micro Farm. The goal of these improvements is to make the programs more accessible to the country’s farmers and ranchers.

The WFRP program provides protection for all eligible commodities on a farm under one insurance policy. Changes to the program include doubling the maximum insurance revenue under WRFP and also reducing the paperwork requirement for that program, considered by many to be heavy in the past.

The Micro Farm policy began in 2021 and was generally well-received by producers; however, while feedback was mostly positive, many felt the approved revenue limit of $100,000 was too low to meet the needs of many producers. The proposed improvements for this program include more than tripling the size of farm operations eligible for the program to $350,000.

The changes to these two programs are welcomed by U.S. producers, especially those involved with specialty crops, organic producers, and direct-to-market producers.

These updates will take effect in crop year 2023.

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